Honoring Motherhood

Motherhood can hardly be described as something simple, it's complex, like a dynamic character from a great piece of literature. Contrastingly it's also something static and everlasting. Motherhood is carried into the final days of one's life; remembering our mothers while clenching the hands of our children. Here we have foraged a collection that brings honor to a handful of motherly makers. Happy Mother's Day. 

Row 1:: Beach Blues (Painted Jars) Madera Del Mar (Driftwood Mirror) Leialala (Macrame) Native Maps (Dallas Map) 

Row 2:: Mercy Ink (T Shirt) Wise Oils Company (Shea Butter) Wayfaren (Travel Journal) Axel Co (Bud Vase)

Row 3: Mama Bleu Designs (Pillow) The Hipster Housewife (Salt & Light Print) Jill Makes (Tassel Necklace) Dunn Rustic Designs (Wooden Tray)

La Primavera

A gorgeous time of year is approaching, and the most exciting thing about a spring in Texas is the bluebonnet bloom! They are such unique beauties, and they only last a few weeks once they pop up out of the ground. Here is a collection to surely inspire your angst for spring!

Row One : {Strawberry Print • Becca Stadtlander} {Candle Holder • Host and Toast Studio} {Ceramic Cat • Barruntando} {Lantern • Open Vintage Shutters}

Row Two: {Raindrops • Bespoke Glass Tile} {End Table • Hedge House} {Ceramic Bowls • Julia Paul Pottery} {Cutting Board • A Heirloom}

Row Three: {Kilim • Chez Bohéme} {Gold Paper Bowls • Up in the Air Somewhere} {Joy Print • Kris Drayovitch} {Art Print • Mateja Kovac}

Row Four: {Earrings • Craft Garden of Zen} {Light Fixtures • Light With Shade} {Wood Art • Wild Slice Designs}  {Bird Mobile • Snug Studio}

Vintage Modern Eclectic

Is this title a bit oxymoronic?  We promise you that this aesthetic exists in every home, because we all carry pieces of tangible history with us, even if it's just one torn photograph, or your grandmother's encyclopedia collection. Here is a collection of both vintage and modern pieces, sprinkled with a few eclectic treasures (like hedgehogs). Most of these goodies have been sitting in our favorites for many months, and some for years, and we love them all. Which is your favorite?

Row One : {Peony Print • Pop by TS} {Lace Top • Rogue Minx Clothing} {Beaded Necklace • Folk and Bear} {Leather and Copper Air Planter • Scout and Lily}

Row Two: {Pillow • London Tierney} {Hedgehogs • Periwinkle Nuthatch} {Ceramic Planter • Free Folding} {Vintage Poncho • Good Company Co}

Row Three: {Indigo Scarf • Lee Coren} {Conch • Shaving Kit Vintage} {XO Tea Towels • Black Bird Tees} {Ceramic Bowl • Susan Simonini}

Row Four: {Ring • House of Bec} {Tote • AIY Shop} {Leather Wallet • Mery Bradley}  {Weaving • Oh Albatross}


I typed in the word "nostalgia" while searching through Pinterest today, I was instantly smiling. Images of Judy Blume books, TV dinners, Fruit Stripes gum, Lite Brights, plastic barettes and Clearly Canadian. It was as if Pinterest knew my age...

This collection evokes a nostalgia within, but not one that brings me to a former time, rather a time I never knew. There is a mystery here, I wonder if these times were better, if conversation was deeper, if life was lived slower...

Row One : {Vintage Hat•Victoria Westbury} {Rose Photo•Riot Jane} {Vintage Rug • Little Dog Vintage} {Porcelain Jars • Revisions Design}

Row Two: {Lace• 5 Gardenias} {Linen Napkins• Kitch Farmhouse} {Indigo Cards• APPRVL} {Wood Barette• The Ancient Muse}

Row Three: {Story Snipet• The Weaver of Words} {Fabric Necklace• Hummingpea}{Banner• Aspen and Oak} {Bath Caddy• Peg and Awl}

Row Four: {Carnation Print • Belles and Ghosts} {Pitcher• Rou de Louves} {Chair• Frae and Co}  {Cactus Bag • Polar Root Studio}


Bohemian pieces are always welcomed in our home and easily incorporated into our wardrobes. Cultural motifs and vintage patterns seemingly bring us closer to feeling authentically connected to our ethnic, spiritual and natural heritages.

Row One : {Vintage Kilim • Woman Shops World} {Slouchy Hat • Shanionie} {Hand Gilded Arrowhead Necklace  • Mesa Blue} {Wooden Arrows • Axel Co}

Row Two: {Music Print • Wit and Wander} {Stationery • Mariemae Collective} {Tiger Air Plant • Le Brun Designs} {Red Leather Pouch • Gift Shop Brooklyn}

Row Three: {Rings • Lux Divine} {Gold Earrings • Roots and Wings} {Aztec Notebooks • Wayfaren} {Flower Crown • Nomad Floral}

Row Four: {Table Runner • Lovely Home Idea} { Wooden Desk Organizer • Charlie's Nest} { Tea Towel • Lula and Luca} { Leather Bag • Stella Chili}

Ready for Spring!

We've been having amazing weather here in Texas...and it already feels like spring. In fact, we began shopping for our herbs and annuals, but are a bit nervous about planting. It is likely we'll have at least one more freeze. For those of you needing some spring inspiration, here is a batch of beautiful handmade goods! 

Row One : {Baby Headbands • Little Crane Headbands} {Succulent Print • Patrick Rabbat Photo} {Side Table • Hippie House Co} {Flamingo Plates • Yvonne Ellen}

Row Two: {Tea Towel • Amelie Mancini} {Arizona Cutout • The Duo Studio} {Le Tote• Write on Design } {Abstract Painting • Resembles Me}

Row Three: {Cashmere Printed Shawl • LINCOLN and LENOX} {Wooden Kitchen Utensils • For the Host }{Mason Jar Sconces • Pineknobs and Crickets} {Ombre Family • Made by Layla}

For the Romantic

"I would not wish any companion in the world but you." - Shakespeare, The Tempest - Act 3, Scene 1

Replacing the ordinary Valentine's gift with something a bit more...handmade, sounds like a beautiful idea. After all, your Valentine is your most cherished companion. <3 <3 <3

Featured here is a collection of gifts that will surely endear those truly romantic ladies. 

Row One : {Reading Lady Print • ybryksenkova} {Vintage Mirror • 86home} {Customized Bread Boards • Cattails Woodwork} {Green Earrings • jKlausdesigns}

Row Two: {Perfume Print • Ginably} {Victorian Lockets • Illuminated Perfume} {Butterfly Print • Snoog's and Wilde } {Painted Mason Jars • Beach Blues}

Row Three: {Plant Notebook • Miplusseddesings} {Cashmere Printed Shawl • LINCOLN and LENOX} {Green Earrings • Karina Grace Jewelry} {Love Foliage Print • Shannon Kirsten}

Stay Warm

While it's a beautiful sunny day here in Texas, we felt inspired to create a winter themed treasury. For all of you facing that blizzard that's out there somewhere, stay warm!!!

Row One : {Vintage Blanket • Earthling 42} {Rosemary Mint Soap • Song of a Sparrow} {Extra Large Blanket Scarf  • Ozetta} {Forest Animal Card • Jahna Vashti}

Row Two: {Mountain Pillows • Three Bad Seeds} {Wool Cowl • Bartinki} {Iceland Print • Ybryksenkova} {Tea Cups • Melissa Maya Pottery}

Row Three: {Bath and Body Oil• Balm and Co} {Lumbar Pillow • Chanee Vijay Textiles} {Knit Beanie • De Brosse NYC} {Juniper Candle • And the People}

Inspired Words

Words are both powerful and passionate. There is nothing more meaningful than a perfectly spoken phrase. Some have such a love for words, that they gather them as they go though life, harvesting them in secret notebooks and nooks, waiting to share them. 

Featured here is a beautiful collection of lexical gifts; who in your life needs to hear from you?

Row One : {Pillow • Sassy Stitches} {Darling Banner • The Hipster Housewife} {Live Well Banner • Winsome Easel} {Invitations • The Traveling Cabinet}

Row Two: {Embroidery • Sarah K Benning} {Casa Print • My Dear Fellow Co} {Birthday Card • Emily McDowell Draws} {Love Print • Light and Dark Shop}

Row Three: {Chalkboard/Calligraphy • Chalk Full of Love} {Together Card • Little Low} {Invitations • Red Cloud Boutique} {You are Loved Bag • Pink Olive Inc}


January is a month symbolic for new beginnings, reflection, and hoped for growths. Sharing more on our blog is a pursuit for us this year... and we miss the Etsy treasury, the former front page. Remember the gorgeous hourly collections of creations and shops? To keep this alive, in the tiniest of ways, we want to feature a few here and there. 

Featured here is a collection of authentic, handmade goods that will add new life to your home.

Row One : {Calendar • 1 Canoe 2} {Chair • Other Times Vintage} {Terrarium • Boxwood Tree} {Knife • For Such a Time Designs}

Row Two: {Crane • Whatever is Lovely} {Fruit Bowl • Convivial Production} {Lamp • Worley's Lighting} {Table • Petrified Design}

Row Three: {Soap • Frog Goes to Market} {Sea Print • Clare Elsaesser} {Pillows • Jillian Rene Decor} { Foliage Print • Anna Tovar}