Vintage Modern Eclectic

Is this title a bit oxymoronic?  We promise you that this aesthetic exists in every home, because we all carry pieces of tangible history with us, even if it's just one torn photograph, or your grandmother's encyclopedia collection. Here is a collection of both vintage and modern pieces, sprinkled with a few eclectic treasures (like hedgehogs). Most of these goodies have been sitting in our favorites for many months, and some for years, and we love them all. Which is your favorite?

Row One : {Peony Print • Pop by TS} {Lace Top • Rogue Minx Clothing} {Beaded Necklace • Folk and Bear} {Leather and Copper Air Planter • Scout and Lily}

Row Two: {Pillow • London Tierney} {Hedgehogs • Periwinkle Nuthatch} {Ceramic Planter • Free Folding} {Vintage Poncho • Good Company Co}

Row Three: {Indigo Scarf • Lee Coren} {Conch • Shaving Kit Vintage} {XO Tea Towels • Black Bird Tees} {Ceramic Bowl • Susan Simonini}

Row Four: {Ring • House of Bec} {Tote • AIY Shop} {Leather Wallet • Mery Bradley}  {Weaving • Oh Albatross}

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