Life is honey. 

My husband and I, we believe that using our gifts to create and share with those around us is the path to peace in our lives. These gifts are from our heavenly Father; He designed us to give our gifts humbly, as a way to bless others; and this is possibly one way in which we can do this.

"go with God"

Inspired Words

Words are both powerful and passionate. There is nothing more meaningful than a perfectly spoken phrase. Some have such a love for words, that they gather them as they go though life, harvesting them in secret notebooks and nooks, waiting to share them. 

Featured here is a beautiful collection of lexical gifts; who in your life needs to hear from you?

Row One : {Pillow • Sassy Stitches} {Darling Banner • The Hipster Housewife} {Live Well Banner • Winsome Easel} {Invitations • The Traveling Cabinet}

Row Two: {Embroidery • Sarah K Benning} {Casa Print • My Dear Fellow Co} {Birthday Card • Emily McDowell Draws} {Love Print • Light and Dark Shop}

Row Three: {Chalkboard/Calligraphy • Chalk Full of Love} {Together Card • Little Low} {Invitations • Red Cloud Boutique} {You are Loved Bag • Pink Olive Inc}

Stay Warm