Life is honey. 

My husband and I, we believe that using our gifts to create and share with those around us is the path to peace in our lives. These gifts are from our heavenly Father; He designed us to give our gifts humbly, as a way to bless others; and this is possibly one way in which we can do this.

"go with God"

Stay Warm

While it's a beautiful sunny day here in Texas, we felt inspired to create a winter themed treasury. For all of you facing that blizzard that's out there somewhere, stay warm!!!

Row One : {Vintage Blanket • Earthling 42} {Rosemary Mint Soap • Song of a Sparrow} {Extra Large Blanket Scarf  • Ozetta} {Forest Animal Card • Jahna Vashti}

Row Two: {Mountain Pillows • Three Bad Seeds} {Wool Cowl • Bartinki} {Iceland Print • Ybryksenkova} {Tea Cups • Melissa Maya Pottery}

Row Three: {Bath and Body Oil• Balm and Co} {Lumbar Pillow • Chanee Vijay Textiles} {Knit Beanie • De Brosse NYC} {Juniper Candle • And the People}

For the Romantic

Inspired Words