Stay Warm

While it's a beautiful sunny day here in Texas, we felt inspired to create a winter themed treasury. For all of you facing that blizzard that's out there somewhere, stay warm!!!

Row One : {Vintage Blanket • Earthling 42} {Rosemary Mint Soap • Song of a Sparrow} {Extra Large Blanket Scarf  • Ozetta} {Forest Animal Card • Jahna Vashti}

Row Two: {Mountain Pillows • Three Bad Seeds} {Wool Cowl • Bartinki} {Iceland Print • Ybryksenkova} {Tea Cups • Melissa Maya Pottery}

Row Three: {Bath and Body Oil• Balm and Co} {Lumbar Pillow • Chanee Vijay Textiles} {Knit Beanie • De Brosse NYC} {Juniper Candle • And the People}

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