Ready for Spring!

We've been having amazing weather here in Texas...and it already feels like spring. In fact, we began shopping for our herbs and annuals, but are a bit nervous about planting. It is likely we'll have at least one more freeze. For those of you needing some spring inspiration, here is a batch of beautiful handmade goods! 

Row One : {Baby Headbands • Little Crane Headbands} {Succulent Print • Patrick Rabbat Photo} {Side Table • Hippie House Co} {Flamingo Plates • Yvonne Ellen}

Row Two: {Tea Towel • Amelie Mancini} {Arizona Cutout • The Duo Studio} {Le Tote• Write on Design } {Abstract Painting • Resembles Me}

Row Three: {Cashmere Printed Shawl • LINCOLN and LENOX} {Wooden Kitchen Utensils • For the Host }{Mason Jar Sconces • Pineknobs and Crickets} {Ombre Family • Made by Layla}

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