Life is honey. 

My husband and I, we believe that using our gifts to create and share with those around us is the path to peace in our lives. These gifts are from our heavenly Father; He designed us to give our gifts humbly, as a way to bless others; and this is possibly one way in which we can do this.

"go with God"

Ready for Spring!

We've been having amazing weather here in Texas...and it already feels like spring. In fact, we began shopping for our herbs and annuals, but are a bit nervous about planting. It is likely we'll have at least one more freeze. For those of you needing some spring inspiration, here is a batch of beautiful handmade goods! 

Row One : {Baby Headbands • Little Crane Headbands} {Succulent Print • Patrick Rabbat Photo} {Side Table • Hippie House Co} {Flamingo Plates • Yvonne Ellen}

Row Two: {Tea Towel • Amelie Mancini} {Arizona Cutout • The Duo Studio} {Le Tote• Write on Design } {Abstract Painting • Resembles Me}

Row Three: {Cashmere Printed Shawl • LINCOLN and LENOX} {Wooden Kitchen Utensils • For the Host }{Mason Jar Sconces • Pineknobs and Crickets} {Ombre Family • Made by Layla}


For the Romantic