Honoring Motherhood

Motherhood can hardly be described as something simple, it's complex, like a dynamic character from a great piece of literature. Contrastingly it's also something static and everlasting. Motherhood is carried into the final days of one's life; remembering our mothers while clenching the hands of our children. Here we have foraged a collection that brings honor to a handful of motherly makers. Happy Mother's Day. 

Row 1:: Beach Blues (Painted Jars) Madera Del Mar (Driftwood Mirror) Leialala (Macrame) Native Maps (Dallas Map) 

Row 2:: Mercy Ink (T Shirt) Wise Oils Company (Shea Butter) Wayfaren (Travel Journal) Axel Co (Bud Vase)

Row 3: Mama Bleu Designs (Pillow) The Hipster Housewife (Salt & Light Print) Jill Makes (Tassel Necklace) Dunn Rustic Designs (Wooden Tray)

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