Updating Your Shop Sections

On Etsy you have the option of creating "Shop Sections", these sections help to keep your products organized into categories. Around the holidays you can have fun with how you arrange your items into sections, and it can also help your shoppers find gifts and decor that they would have overlooked otherwise.

In your Listings Manager you can "manage" your shop sections (left toolbar). This year we chose a to add four new categories for shoppers; "Gifts under $20", "Gifts under $50", "Gifts under $100", and "Holiday Decor". We also have a "Ready to Ship" section that we hope to build in the coming weeks.

A couple considerations while adding sections to your shop::

  • It's typically better to duplicate/copy a listing to add a specific product to a section, just be sure to change the lead photo for variety. This will allow shoppers to be able to find your items in various places throughout your shop. For example, all of our chalkboard options can be found in the "Chalkboard" section; we simply duplicated a few of these listings and changed their section to one of our holiday sections.
  • When duplicating an item to be added to your "Ready to Ship" section be sure to adjust the quantity that you have available. 
  • Think specifically about your products to decide which sections to add.
    • Sort by gift recipient ("Gifts for Her", "Gifts for Him", "Gifts for Baby", etc.)
    • Sort by price (as mentioned earlier)
    • Sort by popular items ("Most Popular T-shirts", "Most Popular Prints", etc.)

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow's Post:: "Updating Your Product Photos"

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