Tagging Your Products

Product tags are those keywords that customers use to find your products. On Etsy you're given up to 13 tags for each listing. Around the holidays there are a few things you can do to increase traffic to your shop by adjusting your tags.

  • Using your Etsy stats. identify keywords customers are using to find your products. These keywords correspond to tags that you're already using. The tags that aren't showing up in your keywords may not be working best for your products, these are the ones that you may consider changing. 
  1. Search keywords for the entirely of 2015 and record the top five
  2. Search keywords for the past three months and record the top five
  3. Search keywords for last year's holiday season (November 2014-December 2014) and record the top five
  • Apply your top five collectively to the listings that your best keywords apply to. For example, our top five overall are (mirror, reclaimed wood, chalkboard, reclaimed wood mirror, and reclaimed wood mirror). Not all of these tags would apply to each of our listings, but definitely could be used on various listings in our shop. 
  • Consider variations of your most popular keywords and implement these as well. For example, "mirror" is one we use and we also use "mirrors" and "wall mirrors" etc. 
  • For other available tags think of keywords and phrases that customers may be using around the holidays to shop for gifts and decor. "Gifts for Her", "Gifts for Him", "Kids Gifts"
  • On your Etsy homepage click on the top banner to see which categories are being featured, and tag any corresponding items with the categories they are using. Right now some of the categories are "Christmas decorations", "Hanukkah decorations", and "Christmas Trees". If you have items that fit even slightly into these categories you could consider using these words as tags as well.
  • Check Etsy's trending items and see if any items are similar to your own and look at their tags for some input. Sometimes it's easy to overlook a tag that could be really great for your specific product. 
  • Consider using one tag to name your shop (hurd and honey) if you feel that your brand name is well known by repeat customers or through social media. 

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow's Post:: "Adding Holiday Themed Sections"

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