7 Things You Should Do When You Wake Up

We don't all have the luxury of waking up and taking our time to start the day. Some of you have places to be, others of you have young children that wake you up, and many of you wake up tackling your to-do list before you open your eyes. Slowing down to start your busy days may be the recipe for better days. 

1. Draw the Curtains

Let the sunshine in, warm you up, and brighten your day. Even on dreary days we need light, light lifts, light breathes life. 

2. Smile

Each day is a gift, with gratitude in mind our days begin brighter. Take a moment to smile. Smile at your spouse, your children, your pets, or yourself (in the mirror). Put on an attitude of gratefulness. 

3. Play Music

If anything can lift the soul, it's music. Choose a song, playlist, or album that you're in the mood for, and get your day started with the right energy.

4. Drink Warm Lemon Water

Lemon water prepares your digestion for the day's intake and gives you a boost of Vitamin C.

5. Read Scripture

Maybe you have a morning devotional, or a verse of the day; the tiniest nugget of encouragement or wisdom will boost your start to the day.

6. Step Outside

Taking a moment to step outside is a beautiful reminder that the world is much bigger than our bubble of worries and heartaches. Whether in a beautiful natural setting or in a humble suburban neighborhood, step outside and breathe deeply.

7. Eat Breakfast

Just eat something, get the fire burning.