Make Your Home Smell Amazing - Without Chemicals

Aside from keeping a clean home (washing the sheets, keeping up with the laundry, cleaning out the fridge, emptying the trash, cleaning your vacuum filter, etc.), there are simple ways you can give your home a boost in smelling yummy! It's always refreshing to walk into a beautiful smelling home after being away for the day; your guests will appreciate it too!

Simmer Potpourri 

This is a great way to use all of the extra rosemary and mint growing in your herb garden. Keep the plants trimmed, freeze the herbs, and use them for potpourri year round!

Open the windows + Run the ceiling fans

We don't all have this luxury, especially in humid climates during the summer. Any chance you get, 75 degrees or cooler and humidity that is around 60% or less, air out your home! During the summer run those ceiling fans to keep the air in your home circulating. (Take some homemade room spray (below) and spray your rooms, run the fan, close the door. It will freshen up the spaces.) 

Eucalyptus in the Shower

Not only does it smell amazing, the health benefits are substantial. Head to Trader Joe's and pick up some eucalyptus. 

Diffuse Essential Oils

You can play with endless combinations and make your home smell refreshing, cozy, clean, or whatever your mood!

Make Room Sprays

Rooms sprays can freshen up a space, and can be made beautifully as a decorative item for your guest room and bathroom. 

Air purifying Plants

House plants serve many functions, and one benefit is they help to purify the air.