Summer Hygge

Summer, it's the season for squeezing lemonade, walking barefoot, and running through the sprinklers. As the aloe cools the sunburn, summer's freedom elicits a joy that makes room for cherished memories to take their place. Summer ripens the soul, yet brings us closer to our childlike spirit. It's the final hurrah before the days begin to dim, before the green fades to brown. 

Take a bike ride

Pack a lunch and hop on your bikes. Trail through a shaded path while listening to some Motown, and occasionally break into a race. 

Celebrate Outside

You may need a thick layer of bug repellent, but an outdoor celebration of Independence with grilled hot dogs and cake is the way of summer. 

Dip your feet 

Live by the river, the lake, the ocean, or the pool, dip those feet, or your entire body. 

Drive somewhere

Take that road trip you've been talking about FOREVER. Just hop in the car and go.

Pick wildflowers

Take a nap in the shade

If it's too hot, head indoors and nap away those "too hot" afternoons in the air conditioned home.

Soak up the sun

Watch the sunset

Catch fireflies 

Eat Ice Cream (or coffee)

Pick Berries or shop at the Farmer's Market

Spend the morning fishing

Enjoy summer's flora and fauna

Don't forget the raspados!