Ideas For Displaying Photography

Personal photos are the most meaningful pieces in a home. Photographs tell stories, they keep us connected to our cherished memories, they remind us that we are loved and have people to love. Here are a few ways to share photos throughout your home. 

Symmetric Frame Grid

This is a beautiful way to create a collage of various moments with cohesiveness in mind. You could create a grid with photos from different travels, different ages of your children, or create a collection from a special day like your wedding day. 

Solo Poster Frame - Large Print

For that one photograph that should be printed as large as possible use an easy poster frame and give the photograph a place of significance. 

Frame Duo With Rope

This is great for those frames that you're constantly moving around your home. Rope makes the frames easy to hang. 

Clothespins and Twine

You don't have to be a teenager to have a wall collage of photographs etc. A corner of your kitchen, or a small nook in your studio could also use this type of organic touch.  

Black and White Asymmetrical Collage

Nothing is more bold and dramatic than black and white photography, especially when framed in a collection. 

Oversized Wooden Frame - Modern

Oversized may be dramatic, but it can also be in tune with minimalist decor lovers.

Eclectic Portrait Collage

If you're a fan of genealogy or just happen to have a collection of old photography, this is one dramatic way to display everything together. 

Frame Ledge With Assorted Frames

Frame ledges are popular these days, and keep the holes in the walls to a minimum. We're thinking of adding these to our shop soon (inquire if you're ready to order).

Symmetrical Linear Display

I love linear displays like this. It's a beautiful way to share a story through photography. 

Photo Print Ledge

Minimize the holes in the wall, and the need for frames. With the growing number of photo printing apps that make it easy to order photos directly from your phone's photo gallery, we all need a space to display our photos.