Beach Style

Achieving a "beachy" vibe in your home doesn't require tacky seashell decor, lighthouse artwork, or an overdone nautical theme. While some may like those elements, it's not what truly gives a home "beach style". 

White/Neutral Elements

Walls, Curtains, Furniture, Floors - you can't overdo the neutrals when you're wanting your home to feel in touch with the beach.

Driftwood Inspiration

You may not be able to incorporate driftwood ceilings, but by adding simple rustic shelving or a statement coffee table to bring in that rustic and weathered appeal is easy.

Window Watching

On the beach or miles away, arrange your rooms around the windows and natural light. Beach homes have plentiful natural light that naturally change the the feel of the space as the day passes from cheery morning sunshine to the mellow afternoon glow. 

Natural Elements

Rattan and wicker furniture and bamboo blinds are perfect beach-friendly accents.

The Blues

Blues, blue-greens, seafoam greens, etc. These colors don't have to overpower but can certainly be incorporated. A beach house wouldn't be complete without some of these lovely pastels.

Outdoor Shower

They're both practical and delightful, and definitely part of a beach home. A perfect place to wash off the sand; we all love the beach, but who loves sand all over their house?

Statement Decor

The giant surfboard in the photo below is the perfect way to decorate with the beach in mind. Possibly a hurricane filled with seashells, or a large conch found during one of your beach vacations place on the mantel, you don't need much. 

A Place to Sit Outside

A firepit for those cool nights, comfy chairs, and beachy blues. All beach houses whether on the beach or off need a relaxing outdoor space. After all, loving the beach is all about embracing salty hair, sunkissed skin, and sand between your toes.