One Week! Actually 4 Days!!!

Craft Fair Countdown!

We thought last weekend was the heaviest part of our preparation; now we are not so sure! I was reading online "What to Bring to a Craft Fair," and wow, I am glad we read this list!

...we now have our branding iron...I just love the way this turned out!

We also were given our booth placement for the weekend. Based on the map it seems like we were given a great corner booth!

Don't forget to come out to the Happy Hollydays Bazaar if you live in the DFW area:

Here is the disorganized list we are working on right now...

Display Tables - X
Display Rack - X
Sitting Chest - X
Rug - X
Sample Pump - X
Plants -X
Mini Broom/Dustpan/Trashcan -

Honey Shack Sign - X
Large Pieces of Fabric -
Business Cards/Card Holder - X
Packaging Stuff - X (sort of)
Extra Twine - X
Scissors -
Something that smells yummy for ambiance -
Heavy Tape -

Mailing List Sign Up -
Wholesale Catalogs -
Card Kit (for boredom) -
Aprons -
Cash/Change -
Blog Giveaway...

Wipes -
Safety Pins -
Pens/Pencils -
Notepad/Journal -
Paper Clips -
Stapler -
Business Stamp/Ink -
Plastic Bags -
Camera Equip. -
Container for supplies -
Clipboard -

Inventory! - X (almost)
Price Sheet -

Water -
Snacks -
Advil/Tissue -
Cell Phones/ Sqaures -

Extra Labels -
Photo Book -
Sign Stand -
Musica - 

If you have more ideas for us feel free to leave a comment.

Gracias for reading,
Hurd & Honey