Happy Hollydays Bazaar!

 In just two weeks we are participating in the  

Prepping for this craft fair fundraiser has been a lot of work, and a learning experience.

Our new logo stamp! Thank you Apropos Roasters.

If you live locally in Dallas (or nearby) this is worth a visit. 
We are anticipating a cool weather weekend full of early Christmas shoppers.
Yay, it's Christmas time again!
Our new reclaimed inlay caddy...perfect accessory to display your soap/lotion dispenser.

Here are some photos of our booth staging...we practiced in our home (notice the blinds). You never know how to set something up until you actually try. Now that we have an idea of our space, our setup will go much smoother.

The rug is always there, but once we placed the furniture in there we decided to leave it.

All of our new caddies are hiding behind that scrappy piece of burlap; hopefully that looks alright.

Our new tables worked our great as display tables. They will be for sale as well.

Our little bistro table has a sample dispenser with lotion, a little piece of art and our business cards.

The sign will be hanging behind the booth, we couldn't practice this part of the staging.

The vintage chest will hide extra supplies and packaging materials. It's also a nice place to sit.


More jars!

 We'll let you know how it goes! This is a step of faith, as it will be our first craft fair - back in May we weren't sure if we should participate, but now we are so thankful we made the investment.

Thanks for reading!