On Packaging

Sending a package to a customer is like serving a meal to a special guest. You want the order to be just what they hoped for; for your guest to love the meal you prepared, and even ask for seconds would be a delight.  Upon opening their parcel or saying their goodbyes, you've left them with a desire to return again. 

When the package arrives, the customer will likely pardon any markings or wrinkles to the box if the label appears professional, and if the internal contents are beautifully placed. Likewise, when your houseguest arrives, they will likely overlook a dusty fan or an occasional floor smudge when they are welcomed with inviting music, candles, and an especially a warm hug.

Consider the little elements that can be added to your packaging that make the experience different and intentional. Perhaps it's a sweet note, or fun confetti, maybe a little extra surprise wrapped in pretty paper. What if your goal was to bring such excitement to your customer that they can't wait to share with their family and friends?

Your houseguest will have a comfortable place to sit, a meal made with love, and most importantly, conversation that brings honor. After all, like your customer, they came for more than a meal, they came for fellowship, and your hope is not only that they'd return, but that they'd return with friends. 

People are fragile, and should be handled with care.  

People often us ask about our packaging materials...here is a list for you!