On the Border, By the Sea

Grandma Dolores and me <3

The story behind our prints

When visiting my grandmother in south Texas as a little girl, I was always intrigued by Mexican culture; and as I grew older I realized that deep within, it's my culture too. 

My father was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas, "on the border, by the sea."  Visits to Brownsville were always exciting: oysters at the island, fishing off of Port Isabél, eating lunch at The Vermillion. The authentic taquitos and Mexican sweet bread, always fresh and delicioso, were shared amongst the family. Afternoon journeys just across the border to Matamoros, a fragrant delight, is where I fell in love. The bordadero, or embroidery found on the dresses and bags couldn't be more beautiful. Reaching down to feel the lovely floral motifs I would hear, "Qué bonita, qué bonita!"  And nothing was better than sitting in García's, a little restaurant in Tamaulipas, Mexico, eating the cacahuates and listening to my father's stories, the ones that vividly expressed his childhood; once a little boy, as Mariachi's swooned in the background.

A growing collection...

In the markets of Mexico my dad overlooks most everything, unless he spots "real" Talavera (Mexican pottery), which he considers the greatest of the pottery, crafted by the artist Hernández. These colorful pieces pair beautifully with my dad's passion for cooking; a family fiesta is never complete without a little Talavera.

A few pieces of my dad's Talavera collection, perfect for Thanksgiving.

Our prints are designed from the beautiful motifs found in Mexican Puebla dresses and Hernández Talavera. It is a pleasure to create pieces of art that resemble the traditional beauty of Mexican culture. While making these pieces I think of my grandmother Dolores wearing her Puebla dress, hanging laundry to dry in the summer sun, while the Resaca gently laps against the dock. 

A few of our available prints.

Grandma's backyard. 

My dad, fishing at the island during the summer.