How to Set Boundaries During the Holidays

When we look back to the days before our business, the holidays were certainly different. I was a teacher, so with the end of year projects and time off, I had time to fully enjoy the season. Baking cookies, wrapping presents, driving around late to look at lights, all of it. The past three years have looked and felt different, and this year we are making a grand effort to change a few things. We don't want another Thanksgiving or Christmas to pass us by without wholly cherishing the season.  

Ways in which you can set boundaries, and it doesn't have to be complicated::

  • Turn your Etsy App off for a short time period, this way you avoid looking at messages and sales that come in during the day before/of/after Thanksgiving and Christmas. We recently did this while we were in Oregon, and it made our time feel more authentic, we felt disconnected, and that was wonderful.
  • Extend your processing times around the holidays so you can still keep your shop open, but don't have to worry about customer orders while sharing a feast with your family and throwing snowballs at your siblings. Some shops opt to shut down entirely for the weeks surrounding Christmas, and that is even better, if it works for you.
  • Make time for the holidays in between the rush of getting orders out. Maybe one morning instead of packaging orders or responding to emails take a couple of hours to bake some cookies for your friends or snuggle up with your furry friends and watch a Christmas movie.
  • Choose which orders are going to best benefit your business during this season, be careful with taking custom orders that will throw off your production process. 
  • The most important ahead and stay organized. It may seem impossible, but do what you can. You have about three weeks before the rush typically begins, make a few lists, organize a few spaces, stock up on a few things that you know you'll likely need. 
  • And our favorite recommendation, play that Christmas music (if it doesn't irritate you), drink coffee with egg nog or hot chocolate, play "It's a Wonderful Life" in the background while you work. Savor the season, because it's a beautiful time. 

(Also, remember to honor those that have supported your business throughout the year...your mail delivery service, your pick up driver, suppliers, etc.)

It has been a pleasure to share with you; this is the close to our "Etsy Seller's Holiday Guide"

Have a most beautiful close to 2015, Merry Christmas!!