A Simple Holiday Wreath

I remember as a young girl my mom would make wreaths every year at Christmas. The hot glue mess is what I remember most, and not to mention, all of the expensive little pieces that she purchased at the craft store for decorating the wreath. This eucalyptus wreath is a great alternative if you are looking for more simplicity and looking to save a few $$.

What you need::

•1 Bird's Nest Wreath (Trader Joe's - $5.00)

•1 Bunch of Seeded Eucalyptus (Trader Joes's - $4.00)

•A few pieces of Jute Twine (Amazon - $3.00)


To start, I separated all of the eucalyptus stems, selecting the ones with the prettiest foliage and the most nimble stems.

Choose any starting point on the wreath and weave the stem into the wreath through the branches. If your eucalyptus is fresh this will be much easier, you can even pull the leaves and seeds in between the branches without breaking much (and making a huge mess).

Change direction and add another stem of eucalyptus. Continue this until the wreath looks balanced the way you'd prefer. It's up to you how full or sparse you want the wreath to look. Both will be just beautiful.

With the loose ends that dangle down you can use a small piece of jute to tie a few of the leaves back. Use surrounding leaves to cover the jute if it shows. 

And that's it!

You can carefully add a candle to the center of the wreath for a warming glow. Just be sure to keep an eye on the wreath while the candle is burning. This is a perfect touch if you're having guests over for dinner. 

*This wreath also makes a beautiful centerpiece if you have a large table. You could stand pillar candles on the inside, just lovely!

Have a beautiful holiday season!