Analyze Your Stats

A great way to prepare for holiday shoppers is to take some time to analyze your Etsy shop stats. These stats could shed light on which days/weeks may be your busiest and also which products may be your best sellers.

A few searches to try::

  • Search from November 1, 2014 - December 19th, 2014 (In Stats)
    • Look at both "Revenue" and "Orders"  - Here you can see which days had the greatest peaks in sales and revenue. (Note these days/clusters of days as possible time periods when your shop may be the busiest this year.)
    • Scroll down and look at which of you products were most viewed/favorited
    • Don't forget to look at the top keywords from these weeks as well
  • Search November 2014 (In "All Orders" in the order section)
    • If you have the time, go through and make a quick list of the quantity/product that sold throughout the month
  • Search December 2014 (In "All Orders" on your order page)
    • Same As Above
  • You could do the same for previous years as well if you have data.

To take your analysis a step further, you could calculate what the average sale price was for this time period in previous years. This will help you to price new products that you plan to sell during this coming holiday season. 

The time you take to look through all of your collected stats may or may not be the best representation of what will happen this year. It's easy to over compare one year to another and find yourself feeling discouraged if things don't look as great as this did before. Stay encouraged and most importantly, enjoy this beautiful time of year.

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow's Post:: Coupons and Special Offers

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