Preparing for the Holidays - A Guide for Etsy Sellers

•• Limit Your Participation ••

This time of year there are several opportunities to participate in craft fairs and holiday themed pop up events. While these events can be lucrative, they can also be exhausting and require more output than they guarantee input. Monetary success isn't the only measure either; an experience may be positive based on the new friends you'll make or the exposure you'll have gained throughout your local community. Just be sure to choose which events are worth your while given the volume of online business that can come during the holidays.

Our booth from last year's event in Dallas

Our booth from last year's event in Dallas

In the past we've participated in one large event that we knew would yield a large crowd. Timing is also crucial, you'll want the events to take place close enough to Christmas. Sometimes if an event takes place too early, shoppers aren't ready to gather their minds around Christmas shopping, and haven't even established a budget or a list. Mid November through early December is a good time frame. Plus, this gives the weather a chance to feel more seasonal. It's always more exciting to shop when the weather feels like autumn and winter. Last year we participated in an event that happened to fall on the coldest day in November, and honestly, we think it naturally boosted our sales because customers were more excited about the approaching holidays.

When you have the time the focus on one or two events in combination with your online sales you'll have more time to build your inventory and your aesthetic for your booth. A well stocked and beautifully arranged booth will usually encourage more buyers. There is something about crowds that drive sales. It always seems that when our booth becomes crowded more people want to buy what they see. 

Just be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare thoroughly for each event and simultaneously have enough left to still manage your online sales. It's always a guessing game, you never know what type of crowd will turn up, and you never know how things will go online.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself::

  • Could you have participated more last year? Participate a little more.
  • Was last year overwhelmingly too much? Participate a little less.
  • Has this year been a year of tremendous growth thus far? Participate a little less.
  • Is this your first year? Take a few risks and see what happens.

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