Handmade on Amazon Update - 2 Weeks

It has been about two weeks (tomorrow) since "Handmade on Amazon" went live. It's still early to tell, and there are several factors that we need to consider before deciding if this platform will be both lucrative and wise going forward.

We say "wise" because of a few articles that have come out regarding makers and the power they give to Amazon. Because Amazon has access to all traffic and sales data (like Etsy), some are worried that this could lead to unfair control over the market, and eventual copying of one's designs and products. 

We simply view Amazon as another place to share our product with consumers; and we're choosing not to live in fear over what could possibly happen. If our goal is broader than selling a product, and we offer something that is part of who we are, we really should find reassurance; the intangibles cannot be duplicated. 


We have had two sales in two weeks.  (Chalkboard 23x35, Mirror 24x30)


Approximately 31 Views/Day with an overall decline in traffic since the launch day.


We have not listed/edited/revised any of our listings since the launch.

••Modifications that have been implemented by HoA••

There is a new "copy listing" option that sounds like it will be quite helpful. We haven't used this new feature. There is also an option to sponsor your product to increase traffic (you have to pay for this).


By November we will have added a few more listings. We also will have revised a few of our current listing tags and descriptions to see if traffic improves. 

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