Why Every Home Needs A Green Wall

About two years ago Sam and I decided to paint one of our prop boards a beautiful shade of dark green. The other side was white. We used the board to photograph several of our smaller products, and absolutely loved the moodiness of the photos we took with the green side. Now that we're in our own home we have the freedom to paint the walls, and one day we will probably paint one of them a beautiful shade of green...

Green walls cool things off, similar to blue shades, but green warmer than blue (because green has yellow in it).

Green walls and plants combine beautifully. 

Green walls add depth to a space, as if the space has a more interesting story to tell.

Green walls, even darker shades, can make a smaller space feel larger.

Green walls give the impression that life is lived healthier, more organic and pure.

Green walls inspire imagination, green is open-minded, and friendly.

Green walls make a clean and beautifully curated home feel more humble.

Green walls help neutrals stand out better than they would against white walls. 

Green walls make green look greener. :)

Green walls make vintage homes feel airy and updated. 

Green walls will warm your home in the cooler months, and cool your home in the warmer months. 

Start with a small space and your favorite shade of green, and see what you think.