Yellow Is The New Black - Style Your Home With Yellow

Yellow, it's optimistic, it's cheery, it's bright, and it's often disliked. Lately yellow hasn't been a common color in modern home design trends, but like everything, it will make its way back. Perhaps people won't be obsessed with this seemingly overpowering color like they were in the sixties and seventies, but it will surely begin popping up here and there. In fact, we have a little dresser that we're thinking of painting yellow. In the spirit of spring, and the fast approaching summer, why not experiment with this powerful color, and see what it does for your space and for your outlook. 

Here are some ideas to get you thinking...

A Yellow Door

A Yellow Rug

A Yellow Bookshelf

A Yellow Hutch

A Yellow Couch

A Yellow Dresser

A Yellow Chair

A Yellow Pendant Light (and various yellow accents)

Yellowish Pillows

A Yellow Planter

Will you be adding some yellow to your home? What's your favorite hue?