Spanish Style Inspiration

Saltillo flooring, ornately carved pieces of wooden furniture, Talavera, and more windows than walls; Spanish style homes are quite lovely. They evoke a sense of timelessness, making you feel part of the old world, with all of their rustic charm. I'm not sure if it's because I grew up in southern California, my Latina heritage, or that I spent many summers in south Texas visiting my family, but I have always loved Spanish style homes. I'm not referring to the massive Spanish-inspired mansions you'll spot in Brentwood, CA; something more authentic, one story, with crawling bougainvillea EVERYWHERE! 

A little Spanish inspiration...

A Spanish roof may not be practical, but how about a colorful screen door, a vining plant, and Talavera address numbers? 

Arched niches are not simple to add, nor are Spanish plastered walls, but wouldn't you love your home to have these features? To start, add a few iron pieces and bright colored textiles, like these red pillows. 

Spanish pottery and Mexican Talavera tile, in moderation or in excess, just depends on your preference. 

Rustic beams are almost necessary, and if you're looking to update your flooring, saltillo tile can make your home feel Spanish, but also earthy, as if your home is fluid with the outside spaces. 

A little piece like this works - a perfect Spanish-inspired accent. Or, purchase an old piece of mission-style furniture and grab a paintbrush!

These doors are stunning! I'm not sure where one would purchase doors like this, but if you find one or two, snatch them up. My grandmother gave my dad a small coffee table with a similar style of carving, it's well weathered, but gorgeous. 

Antique metal artifacts and colorful Mexican textiles pair lovely together. 

I would call this a modern-Spanish home. Mission style door, saltillo flooring, Spanish plaster, all together with modern textiles and a comfy white cushiony couch. 

A bold front door, like this one, and colorful landscaping with succulents; Spanish meets southwest. You might find a home like this tucked away in an Austin, TX neighborhood. If not, Santa Barbara, San Diego...any place where Spanish colonialism has roots. 

Bougainvillea - my grandmother has this plant. We also have them here in north Texas, but with our occasional hard freezes in the winter, they don't survive. 

It's hard to tell if this space is 100% indoors with all of the natural light and earthy elements. I would call this Spanish-Farmhouse. 

Every Spanish home needs Hacienda style furniture, next time we're in south Texas I'll be sure to find a piece or two. 

Our very own Spanish Style Mirror!!