The Perfect Dining Room

Dining spaces are the beautifully styled niches where annual meals at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the occasional dinners with friends that are sprinkled about throughout the year are held. Sadly the remainder of a calendar year looks different; most of us neglect the sacred dining space and resort to eating our meals standing in the kitchen or plopped on the couch. When we eat together we share together, and when we sit a table we are more inclined to break away from the television and media devices that swallow our lives. 

One reason dining spaces are underused is due to aesthetics and design. Homes with dining room "spaces" seem to always echo and have minimal natural light. They are separated from the rest of the home, either directly off the foyer or tucked behind a wall next to the kitchen. What if we reconsidered the spaces in our homes and possibly reassigned a few spaces. Perhaps by breaking away from a tradition (the layout), we will establish the tradition that matters (gathering together). 

Create a dining space in a traditional living room. A fireplace in a dining room sounds lovely!

Chose a sunny space where natural light is plentiful, maybe a sun room, and if you have a tiny dining space place your table next to a window.

Forgo the formal elements and keep your dining space humble and cozy. Knit blankets and family artifacts always cozy things up. 

Bookshelves in a dining space create a warm library feel. Young children and even teenagers will be more inclined to study here and work on school projects. The last thing we want is our little ones hiding in their rooms. 

Another benefit of a well lit dining space is the possibility of plants! Plants add character to any room, and inspire energy and liveliness. 

A collage on the wall will encourage conversation, and add texture and color to a dining space when fresh flowers aren't always available. 

A table and seating that suits your family is always best.