Instead of Subway Tile - Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

I remember at one point while planning our wedding I felt overwhelmed by the choices of flowers, colors, dresses, and details that I didn't want to make one more single decision. I began to tell friends and family to do what they thought would be best. I wanted to enjoy the day and not have to worry about the overall aesthetic; all the planning was too much. This is how it feels sometimes when you are designing a new home or remodeling a space.

One way of approaching a remodel, like a kitchen for example, is to focus on one detail, like backsplash. Choose a backsplash you absolutely love, regardless of the space or the rest of your home, and then build around it. All other decisions can be made based on the backsplash that you choose. It seems risky and maybe backwards, but the backsplash is somewhat the heart of the kitchen. 

Lovely accent tile, with a little pop of color and pattern. Why not? It's bold but muted at the same time. 

Green, glossy, and the pattern creates a little movement. It gives the kitchen a splash of fun!

Are you in love with Fixer Upper and Shiplap? Why not a touch of shiplap in the kitchen?

This is similar to subway tile, but the texture is more rustic, and the arrangement, unique. It's similar to Minesweeper (remember that game?). I'm pretty sure this modern kitchen is my favorite. The palette feels clean and simple, allowing room for creativity and color while cooking.

This one may actually be my favorite. The color of these hexagon tiles is gorgeous, and it's all about green this year! If you click on the image you'll see how the tile doesn't move all the way's partial. 

If you love rustic paired with modern, a wood backsplash may work really well! 

Marble, classy, lovely, timeless. And while it may be expensive, it's less expensive to have marble backsplash than marble countertops. 

Color lovers and lovers of folk and bohemian design should definitely consider Talavera tile. 

Stone or brick is beautiful, and adds a richness that makes a home feel warm and rustic. (Imagine this as flooring, now that would gorgeous!)

And let's not forget completely about subway tile! But this option, glossy and colorful is much more fun, and unique. 

Try not to be too overwhelmed when making a decision about backsplash. Choose something that you love, and trust that it will work. Design isn't about perfection, it's about creating something that represents story of the space.