Autumn Arrives

Autumn has begun with the celebration of our first year of marriage!

October 1st!

With intentions of camping outside of Fredericksburg, TX we had to embrace spontaneity due to inclement weather...pouring rain, thunder, lightening! So, being the adventurous duo that we are, we wandered the Texas hill country, hiked the slippery granite Enchanted Rock, stayed a night in San Antonio, and saw lots of cattle, lots!

As expected with the upcoming holiday season we have been busy! And through the next few months The Honey Shack will experience its first fall/winter season, as we will be prepping for a craft fair in Dallas (Happy Hollydays Bazaar)!

The beauty of life as we know it is keeping us on our feet. Despite there being so much to do it doesn't seem stressful, but rather a nice collaboration.  Being home at work, working on dream-like ideas, could it really get any better than this?

There is still time to chase the pups around too.

It's pretty entertaining to watch this. Nash, the Pyrenees, he moves in slow motion compared to Lexi.

Below are some photos of what we have been working on...

Sofa Table - Handcrafted by "Hurd and Honey"

Creating a sign for the craft fair....
Building the caddies for the soap dispensers...

We'll let you know how things go...November 2nd and 3rd!