Mirror Madness - Take a Risk

Have you ever done something without thinking much about it, and then suddenly it ended up being one of the best decisions you have ever made? Well, about three and a half years ago I decided to go to my mom's for a barbeque, reluctant to make the drive. This ended up being the barbeque where I met my husband! I am so glad I made the drive <3....and now married, we are so glad that we randomly made a mirror one day with reclaimed wood and later posted it on Etsy! Enter "Mirror Madness"!!!!!

In mid-January we posted our original mirror...
Our most popular the 18x18 mirror.
Shortly following a few sales we began to receive custom orders...
18x24 Custom Mirror
Customer Appreciation Photo -> 24x30
40x30 Custom Mirror

The neatest part is customers all over the United States are hanging them in their homes! And they are eco-friendly, made from reclaimed wood. The last two days we have sold six mirrors and over 30 in total! 

Thank you Jesus, (for the blessings, ideas, and courage)
Thank you Etsy, (for giving us the platform)
Thank you Husband, (for having the skills)

If you have an idea, give it a try!!! Take the risk, it will probably be worth it.

Front Page Etsy Treasury that our mirror was in (with our friends Degno di Nota)