Etsy Pop-Up - West Elm - Mockingbird Station - Dallas

What is an Etsy Pop-Up?

An Etys pop-up is basically a collaboration between Etsy (an online artisan marketplace) and West Elm (a home decor/furniture store associated with Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma). Each pop-up features a handful of Etsy sellers (live) to create a bridge between the online and local marketplaces.

The Honey Shack will be part of the pop-up event in Dallas!

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Meanwhile...we are busy establishing our inventory for this event!

It has been very exciting and rather challenging to decide what we should bring. We don't have any idea what type of buyers will show up...oh what a mystery!

Here are some recent photos of what we have so far!

serving tray - Reclaimed Barn Wood

reclaimed barn wood serving tray
chevron table - end table

chevron style end table

a bounty of mason jar soap dispensers :)

More to come....