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 Upcycled Bookshelf - Mid Century Modern

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Hello everyone! 
When you are on Etsy and Pinterest as much as me, you begin to notice trends evolving, and it seems to be that "Mid Century Modern" is popping up everywhere. I never thought that I would appreciate this style; it has always felt a bit cold and empty - no intricacy. But I think I am beginning to see it differently. If you aren't sure what "Mid Century Modern" is, here are some links to give you and idea.

The project...
Original Bookshelf
Some of you may remember our original bookshelf...well it was my Christmas present (for our first Christmas as newlyweds). This was Sam's first piece it was really special (an heirloom of sorts).

The bookshelf had some things about it that we wanted to change, and Sam says he built this with basic construction skills. He used a cordless 18 volt circular saw/drill combo kit - Black and Decker. (This is not what the REAL woodworkers use, hehe.)

So as a summer project we decided to up-cycle the wood from the original shelf. This way we could keep the sentimentality and have something in our home to enjoy even more. 

Why did we choose this particular design? Sam is a supporter of Steve from Woodworking for Mere Mortals.
And I thought it would be a fun change. So...we did it. 

Sam created his own doweling jig and dowels to connect all of the shelving together - and added the tapered legs. 

We decided to keep the original mahogany stain and contrast with a muted mustard paint to contrast. 

I love the dipped feet! 

On to our next project!!! Stay tuned :) 

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