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Antiques and Treasures...

Canning was never something that I ever witnessed growing up, in fact, I don't think I even knew much about canning until I became a young adult; one of my friends made us some homemade strawberry jam just before our wedding. So you may think, "why do they love canning jars so much"?

Well, collecting interesting, one-of-a-kind treasures has always been enjoyable. I recollect shopping alongside both of my parents, looking through antique shops, swap meets, garage sales, and markets in Mexico. In fact, my dad still has a sweet brass penguin figurine of mine somewhere in his attic (which I'd love to bring home!) I remember pulling the 0.85 cents out of my purse when I was maybe seven years old to make that important purchase. 

As the mason jar trend kicked-off a few years ago, along with the DIY movement and eco-friendly movement, I began to notice the simplistic beauty of the mason jar. Now when I am out treasure hunting I have a really hard time passing up the unique jars that always catch my attention. 

Jarden (the company that now produces and owns "Ball" jars) recently released the blue tinted "American Heritage Collection" pint-sized mason jars. (We should have these for sale in our Etsy shop within the next couple of days.) 

Now, they don't really compare to the vintage blues, but they are still lovely in their own regard. They are a representation of the past, maybe representing more than just a place to preserve your summer bounty of peaches. I think possibly they help us remember to value our heritage, and curiously pursue the tiny strands that make us who we are and who God beautifully created before us. 

Thank you for participating! We hope you win!!!

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