Inspiring Business with Pinterest

I am sure most of you reading this already have some type of obsession with Pinterest, right? It's one of those things you can do in the doctor's office waiting room, during Monday night football (which is just around the corner), etc. I've somewhat created a negative habit of "Pinteresting" too much...

"Yep" - my husbands words

But we can't deny that Pinterest is a great place when you're in need of inspiration!

Food Inspiration

Avocado Toast
 There are so many delicious recipes! You can pin and basically create for yourself, a modern version of a recipe book! Now I'm thinking, wouldn't it be a great idea to create a printed book for someone using their favorite food pins???

Fashion Inspiration


One of my favorite boards is my "Getting Dressed" board. I love collecting the outfits, patterns, the shoes! It helps me to think of different ways to use the wardrobe I already have, and reminds of things I've forgotten about that are hanging in my closet.

Business Inspiration and Growth

Chevron Table

Pinterest has really been great for The Honey Shack. In fact, I know that pinning photos of our products has led to sales, and especially, inspiration for others.

A few things you can do to bridge Pinterest with your business:

1. Create or pin to a few different pin boards (collections). If you pin all of your products or services to one board, not as many people will see the pins. Our Boards

our jar was repinned several times...

2. Make sure your boards are well curated (put together beautifully). This will ensure that you will gain more followers, and in return, you are more likely to have your product/service photos repinned.

One of my favorite pinners! =>

3. Use a classy avatar or your logo as your avatar - this builds your brand.

4. Find pinners to follow that inspire your work or follow a similar design preference. This will keep you inspired and build your network.

5. Pin for your business, but more than that, pin the things that you love, the places you've seen, your favorite recipes, the best shoes, the books you've read over and over again. Be the inspiration for others.

6. Most important thing -

Support other people like you on Pinterest. Those of you that are trying to build your Etsy business, find other Etsians to follow and repin their products that you love.

and lastly...

My Motto