4 Ways to Get More Sales - Wednesday Wisdom From Hurd & Honey

Whether it's improving your shop's traffic, gaining more followers on social media, or bringing in more sales, it's easy to get discouraged. Not one of these goals is easy, but it can seem easy for other shops, which can only make it easier to feel discouraged. This is where we begin...

1. Stop Comparing

This is so incredibly difficult. Surely the shops that seem the most successful in your eyes also struggle with comparison. It's a cycle that doesn't end, our human nature is to always want more. Social media can fuel this greed. Celebrate the success of other shops, help the shop owners that ask for your advice, and remember that success is not measured in traffic, sales, or followers. 

2. Love Your Customers

If you can show love to your most unhappy customers, you already know you're loving your happy customers. And in the end, you're likely gaining referrals. Referrals are hard to measure, and take more patience, but referrals are the best type of business. 

3. Be Consistent in Character and Spontaneous in Nature

As a business we have always been consistent with how we treat our customers. On the contrary, we haven't been consistent with the way we operate our business. For example, our production schedule has changed 1,000 times, and is still be refined. You can't be too rigid, it stifles your creativity, blinds you from new ideas. Yes, it's important to get orders out on time, it's important to make your best product, and to package every piece beautifully. Be consistent in what matters, otherwise, be spontaneous. 

4. Stay Inspired

You have to stay inspired. If your shop is booming with sales you know that the inspiration fades pretty quickly. The last thing you want to do is make a _____ or package a ____ right? Or if you're waiting to reach that point, the last thing you want to do is make/photograph/list/market another product. It's easy to want to close the door, hand over the baton, and give up. When you're feeling this way, find inspiration. Get back to the reason WHY, why are you pursuing this dream? Make something you will love instead of focusing on what will sell, or head out for a long walk and take some pretty photos of the sunset. Without inspiration it's really hard to stop comparing, love our customers, and be consistent, spontaneously.