Handmade on Amazon

Many of you may have heard the buzz today surrounding Amazon's new marketplace, Handmade on Amazon. (Media links below). How will this new handmade platform challenge Etsy in the coming months/years?

We were contacted by Amazon last spring regarding their upcoming marketplace for handmade products. Once they opened up their application process we applied and about a month ago were given the chance to open up our HoA shop.

We're happy Etsy sellers, and have always been. And when this Amazon opportunity came to us our only thoughts were that this could be a great way to reach a broader market. We plan to stay with Etsy indefinitely, it's where we became "Hurd & Honey". 

  • How did HoA choose who to contact for their initial launch?

We aren't really sure, but there are quite a few Etsy sellers using HoA.

  • How did HoA choose who to approve for their initial launch?

We know that HoA chose about 5,000 shops to start with, and this includes international makers. We aren't sure how they made their decisions, but there was a strong emphasis on making sure that the products are truly handmade. One media source stated that HoA staff even purchased items from applicants to verify that the products are handmade. 

  • How do you apply to sell on the HoA platform?

Using the HoA link above there is a link where sellers can apply. 

  • How is the HoA platform different from Etsy?

HoA is not nearly as simple as listing on Etsy. We are used to Etsy, and have been along for several of the changes that they've made to improve efficiency when listing and selling items. HoA surely will make changes as the platform grows. Right now we only have a handful of our items listed due to the time required to list each item individually. Shipping is also a bit more complicated, so we chose to include shipping with the price. 

  • How do you think HoA will impact your sales on Etsy?

We would love to sell solely in one marketplace, it's just easier. In the past we have tried various marketplaces and just haven't seen near the exposure or success that we've had on Etsy. We hope if anything that the impact is positive. From what we know and have discussed with others, Amazon customers are a bit different from Etsy customers. Today most people are using Amazon Prime, and are used to the two day shipping. On the other hand, someone intentionally seeking a handmade item may be more willing to wait. There is both a growing demand for immediate shipping, and also for authentic, handmade products. Amazon may begin attracting a new type of consumer, and this could definitely impact what happens with Etsy and Etsy sellers. 

  • How much does is cost to sell on HoA?

Amazon charges 12% for every sale, a much higher fee than Etsy. We chose to match our pricing on both platforms for the time being. 

Today is the first day that HoA has been live to the public. We have no idea how this is going to evolve as more and more consumers are exposed to this new marketplace. And surely, just like Etsy, many changes will be made as the platform grows. 

We plan to make continuous updates though our newsletter and also will be sharing more "Q" and "A" on this post as more questions come in.