5 Simple and Lovely Fall Front Porches

Whether you're on a budget, short on time, or a minimalist, decorating for autumn can be simple. 

This porch may seem a bit complicated, but you don't need it all. You could do without the door hangings, and even the handled baskets. The fall mums and pumpkins make this front porch magic. And why not gather some leaves and place them about the steps, intentional or not, it adds that perfect fall warmth. If you wanted to have something on the door, you could try a simple branched wreathe. 

The simplicity here is beautiful. If the branches are too much, you could just add a few more pumpkins, fairy pumpkins or pale green gourds. 

A can of gold spray paint on a few of the pumpkins, or not, this porch would look beautiful either way. If it's too much work to hollow out a pumpkin and plant mums, you could keep the mums in a normal pot and surround it with pumpkins. 

Wow, this house! The warm indoor light, empty branches, and historic qualities of this home make this home feel like autumn naturally. All they did was add pumpkins. If your home is darker in tones, or cooler (blues/greens), the oranges and yellows really pop. If your home has warmer tones, you could try the cooler toned gourds. 

Against a white home the pumpkins and baby trees work beautifully. If the trees are too much, you could again, just go with pumpkins. Baby Bradford Pear and Maple trees will certainly bring those fall colors to your front porch. You can plant them later and have fall foliage for years to come. 

Adding a chalkboard to your porch is also an option. Scribe your favorite fall quote and add a few leaves or pumpkins. We have several chalkboards available, they are just waiting for your creative touch. This one in particular is available in the "Chalk Full of Love" shop.

Decorating doesn't have to be complicated, simple is often better. With just pumpkins you don't have to store anything for the next year.