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Four months ago we integrated new processing option that seems to be working well for us. Seldom do we have customers reaching out to us asking where their orders are. Our customers are happier because they know exactly when to expect their parcels.

In the past, despite our efforts to notate in the listings how long orders take, the information wasn't easy for customers to recognize. And often times, once an order was placed, very few customers read over their receipts to find the "expected shipping date".

For your holiday shoppers wouldn't it be great for customers to be able to select when they want to receive their orders? Some customers may prefer to not have items rushed, because they shop early, and others that wait until the last minute may need an option to promise a quicker turn around. 

Step 1:: Determine what your standard processing time is (we have a 2-3 week timeframe). This will definitely depend on your shop style. Some of you are a "made to order" shop and others only list what you have in stock. 

Step 2:: Once you have a standard, decide what other options you'd like to offer. For example, we have an "Expedited" option and a "Rush" option. 

  • Expedited - Promises one week processing. If a customer orders today (October 30th, Friday), their order ships no later than the following Friday. The customer pays an additional $30.00 for this option. 
  • Rush - Promises 3 Business Day processing. If a customer orders today (October 30th, Friday), their order ships no later than Wednesday, November 4th. The customer pays an additional $45.00 for this option. 

** Note ** This is to not be confused with "shipping time". Because shipping can get hairy, especially around the holidays, we prefer not to offer shipping upgrades. All of our listings explain that shipping requires 3-5 Business Days in addition to the selected processing time.

Step 3:: Add your Processing Options as a variation with pricing to your listings. We had to combine our other variations, as you're only allowed two variations. (For our mirrors we offer a variation in directionality (horizontal or vertical) as well as a bracket option (with or without). We combined these together to allow for our processing variation.)

When a customer orders you will see the processing option they selected, it's highlighted on the order in your queue (just as other variations are highlighted). 

If we have time, we are thinking of adjusting one of our Processing Options to say, "Arrive Before Christmas". We feel this could really put customers at ease when they are shopping. 

Stay Tuned for our next post!!

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