Bedside Makeover

Bedside tables are rarely glamorous, and typically cluttered with water bottles, books, jewelry, charger cords, etc. One way to limit the clutter is to choose a beautiful piece of furniture, a piece that is sure to make a statement in your bedroom.

Antique Piece

I love this piece of furniture! For most it wouldn't be an obvious choice for a bedside table, due to its height, but it works well. The lamp and flowers take up almost the entirety of the top surface, leaving little room for clutter to accumulate. The space below is great for book storage, your glass of water, and your phone. 


Having a drawer on your nightstand is a bonus, a great place to hide the clutter.

Feature Corner + Shelves

Creating a wall collage above your bedside table is a beautiful idea, and draws attention to the entire niche of the room. There is no need for a headboard either. The nightstand has two shelves and a drawer, perfect storage space to keep things organized.

Foot Table

While I love the look of this, my sleeping habits (I twist and shift in the night) would likely cause things to fall. If you're a delicate sleeper this is a great way to have minimal end tables with an alternative space for flowers, candles, books, blankets, etc. (This is a beautiful look for a guest bedroom.)

Built In

Another design that wouldn't suit me, but could surely work for others. I'd likely hit my head, but again, if you're still in your sleep, having a built-in end table like this is lovely. Enough surface for the few things you need at bedtime, and storage below. 

Circular Table

It seems that a circular table would be awkward, but look how great it works in a corner. A larger potted plant, a lamp, and still room for more stuff. 

No Table

Your end table doesn't have to actually be a table. If you have a platform bed an old trunk or suitcase works well. Keeping the artwork and plants low to the ground makes the room appear taller, ceilings appear higher. Plus, it's a great way to feature an unlikely piece in your home. 

Mini Table - Mounted Lamp

If you want to use a tiny table consider mounting your lamp on the wall. 

Floating Shelves

This is a great DIY option, and you could pick any color that works for your space. You could even mount two or three cubbies like this if you need more storage.

Single Sided Bed

For a kids room, a tiny room, or if you're living single, consider your bed against the wall. In this case you only have to focus on one end table vs. two. And maybe your spouse wouldn't mind this setup either if you're needing more space in the master bedroom.