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After we were married we decided to keep the furniture that we had (minus a few pieces) and change what we could to make it work in our home. New furniture is expensive!

We had a king bed frame that was black. We (mainly the wife) didn't really prefer the black so we decided to paint it white. This was our first bed remodel....

It looked beautiful in our bedroom. We painted the dressers white, and had a dark chocolate brown dresser as well.

side board runner

After a few months with paint chipping here and there we decided to completely strip the bed down.

A LOT of work!
back of the headboard
close up of post

During this process we had not decided which color or how we wanted to apply color to the bed frame. We knew we probably wanted to stain it, but because the frame was made with different types of wood and mdf board we weren't sure how that would look.

The frame had to look good with our newly stained dressers and our dark chocolate dresser.

To work with, we had weathered grey, a dark chocolate, and somewhat neutral bedding (over brown carpet which we can't change at this time)

At this same time we were working on refinishing a small dresser that had been painted red. Spontaneously we came up with a beautiful process that gave us the look we wanted for our bed. It's somewhat charcoal/grey/army green, we haven't thought of a name for the color yet.

It's hard to see the streaks of color, but you can somewhat see the texture.

We LOVE our new bed!!!

Before you decide to sell or trash old furniture just think a short time about the potential behind the distaste; there is nothing a little sanding/new color/updated hardware can't fix.