Instead of Granite

Granite is not all that bad, it's just a little "dated". Especially granite with brown and creamier tones and all the speckles...

We have granite, and we do like it, but had there been more options when we built our home, we would have gone with something else. Maybe quartz or butcher block....or soapstone. Sometimes it's really more about your preference and less about trends, and a "dated" material can actually look good if it's cohesive with the rest of your home. If you're looking to remodel your countertops here are some options to consider. 

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A very popular choice right now, a beautiful!


This seems dated too...but I love it. It's retro and hard to clean (grout), but can really make a kitchen fun. And imagine if you throw in a few talavera splashes here and there...or how about saltillo tiles as a countertop, wonder how that would look!


LOVE THIS! I especially love how irregular the lines are...if your kitchen is really tidy with feminine elements it works well.


White Granite

Now this granite doesn't seem dated at all.