12 Things Every Workspace Needs - Your Home Office

Whether you're a painter, a blogger, a writer, or a designer, we believe that every workspace should have the following twelve things. To make it a baker's dozen, don't forgot to include your favorite warm drink. 

 1. L A R G E  E N O U G H  W O R K  S U R F A C E

You can really never have too much space to work, and it's nice to be able to spread out. For most artistic types, jumping from one project to the next is common, having extra surface is beneficial. 

2. R U G

A rug will add warmth to your space, and give the space some character. Choose a rug that connects with your personal style. 

3.  L A M P

Lamplight, especially on cloudier days, creates a more intimate workspace and inspires new ideas. It must be the coziness or the the warmth of lamps, but for some reason I always work better with lamps as opposed to overhead lighting. 

4. C O M F O R T A B L E  D E S K  C H A I R

For obvious reasons, your chair should be comfortable, especially if you work at a desk. It can be challenging to find a comfy chair that's also stylish. Add textile to your chair to give it more style (cozy throw, piece of vibrant fabric, pillow).

5. P L A N T S

Plants clean the air and bring life to your space. If you're not a green thumb start with something simple like a philodendron or a ZZ plant. 

6. S P A C E  T O  R E C O R D  Y O U R  I D E A S

Some of you may be digital people, and keep your notes on your phone or your desktop, but those of you that like the write/draw out your thoughts...find a way to record these ideas, and put them up so you can revisit them.

7. N A T U R A L  L I G H T

A must! If you don't have too many options, at least position your work space closest to a window to get some light. It will energize and inspire your work, especially if you have an east facing window (if you're an early bird). 

8. C O Z Y  P L A C E  T O  R E A D 

This is definitely a nice thing to have, but not always an option. Even if you have a teeny tiny corner get a little chair that's comfy enough to sit and read for at least 30 minutes. This cozy space will be a place to rest and recharge while still being in work mode. 

9. F R E S H  F L O W E R S

When you buy flowers for your living spaces take a few and arrange them somewhere in your workspace. Their beauty will bring a smile to your day. 

10. S H E L V E S  A N D  D R A W E R S  

Having space to keep your supplies, inventory, and projects organized is crucial. If your space becomes too cluttered it becomes more challenging to establish a flow to your day. 

11. M O O D B O A R D

Think of Pinterest but in person. Use a moodboard to inspire your next project, or simply remind you of the things you currentlly love. A moodboard can have photographs, quotes, recipes, articles, colors, pattern swatches, fabric swatches, magazine cuttings, etc. 

12. A  W A Y  T O  L I S T E N

A record player, an old radio, iTunes, Echo, something to play music in your space. Music is motivating. Find a genre you love and try it out for a while. Or use Spotify to find something new and inspiring. 

What are your workspace essentials?