How to Style A Shelf

Midcentury Modern Shelf - By Hurd & Honey

Midcentury Modern Shelf - By Hurd & Honey

There's really no BEST way to style a shelf. Your shelves should be a place to hold items in both a practical way and a personal stylistic way. Use shelves to display the pieces that tell your stories: your family photos, your pet plants, your travel treasures, and your favorite prints. Shelves are also a beautiful way to add dimension to a room, they make space for color, pattern and texture. 

S H E L F   I N S P I R A T I O N


Love the mixture of plants and dishes...and the hanging coffee cups add a cozy touch.

Pretty and Practical 

My favorite, all of the rustic antique dishes and the plants make this space cozy and lived in.

Mix and match and all the color and pattern.

Minimal, modern, and primitive.

W O R K  S P A C E

The shelf frames in the workspace, keeps clutter off the desk and adds personality to the space.

A mini workspace set in this shelving unit; all of the cubbies create different, intriguing scenes.

B O O K   L O V E R S  

For organized color lovers.

A realistic wall shelving unit, full of life's artifacts. 

Lots of books, but arranged in a balance. 

Books and artifacts, but displayed in their own spaces. 

P L A N T  L O V E R S

The varied pots and plants, evenly placed, giving each plant their own space to grow. 

These plants read, :). 

A L T E R N A T I V E  

Shelving up high for a tiny space. 

More strategic shelving, maximizing space, for a maximal book collection.

We love this window box being used as shelving. It's perfectly disheveled. 

O R G A N I Z E D   

A few images depicting perfectly balanced and modern shelf design. 

Whether you're a modern minimalist or a rustic maximalist, have fun styling your shelves!