Life is honey. 

My husband and I, we believe that using our gifts to create and share with those around us is the path to peace in our lives. These gifts are from our heavenly Father; He designed us to give our gifts humbly, as a way to bless others; and this is possibly one way in which we can do this.

"go with God"

It's time for fall!!

Pumpkins, fancy and regular! 

Pumpkins, fancy and regular! 

"Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple." J.K. Rowling

This definitely hasn't been the case here in Texas, nor other places...but I think we're all ready for those "crisp, golden apple" days! 

Autumn is a favorite time of year for us: warm socks, football, cooler days, the anticipation of the holidays, and pumpkins of course! 

Our sweet niece and her leaves (Kansas, September)

Our sweet niece and her leaves (Kansas, September)

Last year we were up in Oregon during the fall and the leaves were vibrant! We began to wonder how exactly the leaves change, and what causes some trees to transform with drama, and others only slightly. 

A less vibrant leaf in Portland, 2015. 

A less vibrant leaf in Portland, 2015. 

Why do leaves change, and what determines the change in color? (Some years are much more colorful than others.)  

 "In general, a wet growing season followed by a dry autumn filled with sunny days and cool, frostless nights produces the most vibrant palette of fall colors." - The Old Farmer's Almanac 

Read more about leaves, fall, and enjoy some fall folklore on the Farmer's Almanac website (link below).

Happy Autumn Everyone!! 

P.S. Do you say autumn or fall?  

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