Summer Brings All The Fun!

Summer is here!! Hasn't this year gone by so quickly? With our new baby, and a recent move we forget that the year is about half over! Before we start to get excited for Christmas time, or even fall, we need to stop and enjoy this season of family vacations, sunburns, road trips, hot dogs, and many trips to the community pool. 

This summer we will be traveling more than expected, but we also have some exciting updates for Hurd & Honey! 

First:: We've finally introduced a poplar wood floor mirror. We love this option, it's modern and airy, but still gives the home a feel of tradition and timelessness. This mirror is currently for sale in our Etsy shop, and we will be adding it here to our website soon. 

Second:: Marked Down Mirrors! Many of you ask for mirrors that we have on sale, or mirrors that are slightly flawed. We will be adding these mirrors to our "SALE" section here on our website periodically. We will provide updates via our newsletter. 

Third:: We will be introducing hardwood framed mirrors this coming fall! If you're looking for walnut, maple, or Spanish cedar, we will be listing these as new options for your home. Recently we were able to create a custom pair of walnut framed mirrors for a customer, and it was a pleasure to work with a different material, and the outcome was lovely. 

That's all for now! We will soon be heading south, for Grandma's 80th birthday, Brownsville, TX! Later in the summer we'll be flying out west to Oregon, and late late summer we'll head north to Kansas. We hope you have a beautiful summer!!

She LOVES the water, and what a joy it was to find this out. <3

She LOVES the water, and what a joy it was to find this out. <3



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