Simple & Classic Fall Wreath

This is the easiest wreath I have ever made. No messy glue guns or epoxy involved. 

What you will need:

•10" Grapevine Wreath - Natural Wreath (Can be found at your local craft store.)

•Fresh Eucalyptus (We buy ours from Trader Joes this time of year.)

•Mini Pumpkins and Gourds (optional)

If you are using this wreathe as a beautiful table centerpiece you can simply place mini decorative pumpkins and other gourds on the inside. That's all I've done here. They are likely to last the entire season, and they add that perfect fall touch to your table. 

If you are wanting to hang your wreath, simply weave the fresh eucalyptus through the branches of the wreath. I wanted our wreath to have a messy, natural look. This is simple, classic, and beautiful.

Fresh eucalyptus is quite easy to work with here as you can see. The branches are malleable and the leaves stay on, for the most part. As the days pass the branches and leaves of eucalyptus will dry, but will still look lovely.