Caramel Apple Mini Pies

Two years ago we hosted Thanksgiving in our home, and this dessert was the easiest to eat after the huge feast, and everyone loved these cute little pies. Little pies are perfect for dipping in coffee too. MMMMmmmm.

Today we are having raindrops and cool temperatures, a nice change from the Indian Summer we've been stuck with here in Texas! Doesn't fall inspire you to bake? (We even muted the Royals game to listen to Christmas music. {I say "we", but I really mean "I", Sam isn't really a part of this fall baking/Christmas music fun, but at least he lets me enjoy.}

Granny Smith apples work best for this recipe. 

The recipe and ingredients can be found here:

These are pretty fun to bake, so grab a friend, print the recipe, make a few variations for the filling, double or triple the dough, and get creative.

The dough is so beautiful isn't it? It takes me about ten minutes to make the dough. Once it reaches the perfect consistency, not sticky, I wrap it in parchment paper and place in the fridge while I make the filling. (Be care about making the dough around the stove. Any excess warmth may make your dough tricky to form if the butter begins to melt too much.)

The filling is quite simple too. Apples • Lemon Juice • Cinnamon • Sugar • Flour

Surely I should have diced the applies much smaller, but I don't mind too much if they poke through the dough. The filling smells amazing!

The dough is easy to work on a cutting board with a rolling pin. Be sure to flour the surface. I used a metal 1 cup measuring cup to cut the circles. (About a 3" diameter.)

Instead of purchasing the caramels and cutting them, I purchase the little caramel beads. They melt perfectly, and are easier to work with.

Scoop about a tablespoon of your filling, that is all you need. If you go overboard, that's okay too.

This version is extra mini; instead of covering the pie with a piece of dough above, I fold the dough over to make empanada shaped, crescent pies. 

Fold • Seal with a fork • Cut an "x" in the top • Brush with the Egg Wash • Salt

They bake rather quickly, 8-14 minutes depending on your oven. Be sure to use parchment paper or they will stick. 

Enjoy! (Right now I am having one with coffee + pumpkin egg nog.)