Life is honey. 

My husband and I, we believe that using our gifts to create and share with those around us is the path to peace in our lives. These gifts are from our heavenly Father; He designed us to give our gifts humbly, as a way to bless others; and this is possibly one way in which we can do this.

"go with God"

NYC Studio Chevron Table


A photo documentation ->

The making of a small Reclaimed Wood Chevron Table 
(for our sweet customer C.L.).

The final phase... getting the tables ready and labeled for customer assembly.

A while back when we first had the conversation of designing a table that customers had to "put together", we struggled. The motive was to offer something that wasn't a fortune to ship.  And when the table and the legs can all fit together in one smaller box the customer saves a substantial cost. 

Sam wondered if this would put into question his craftsmanship, his level or ability as a woodworker, as joinery is a big deal to woodworkers. But someone gave us some great advice not too long ago; he has been a woodworker for over thirty years...

"You have to come to a point where you have to decide what is most important to your customers." 

In this case, our customers want something special (handmade, unique) and reclaimed. They appreciate the style and look that we offer. We've created a way to offer this at a price that allows our customers to have these pieces in their homes.

...and here was the completed project...

 Thankfully, our customer sent us some previous of how she is placing it in her NYC apt...

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