Gift Guide for the Sentimental-Animal Lover

I love this shop! -> Handy Maiden

Doesn't it seem like we prefer the types of gifts that we like to give?

I know this isn't always true, but if you think about the types of gifts you love to give to others, it usually points to which types of gifts you like to receive. The hard part is figuring out what types of gifts other people like to give, in order to know what to get for them. (That was a confusing statement).

I have always loved giving the more surprising gifts, the ones that don't necessarily have a practical purpose, but rather a hidden story. I love gathering items for gift baskets, ones full of random knick knacks and treats. And during Christmas, I love finding interesting and intriguing items for stockings.

Below is a list of interesting sentimental gifts for the animal lover. I know this is probably not the most popular type of gift, but there surely are many out there that would love something from this list.

This penguin is made of 100% stone, and a few pieces of metal. My mom bought him this for me when she was away on a business trip. I find him to be so unique and definitely full of love. You see, I have always had a passion for geology and penguins. This gift is a treasure, and I know one day I'll get to pass it along to someone else that will cherish it. (I wish I had a link for this guy.)

This was another gift, not to me, but I inherited it. It is a hand-carved camel, it comes from Israel. I love the fabric piece as well as the nails that hold the little chain in place. It makes me think about who made this, and all of the love and work that went into every detail. {more hand carved animals}

This bird was the first of my Tonala collection. My mother-in-law gave it to me. I don't think she knew at the time, but it meant so much. This bird can be seen in many of our product listings, it is our best photo prop. I love the colors, and pattern, and the cultural lines that bring me back the Mexican markets - my favorite place to shop. 


Sometimes you stumble upon the perfect gift when you're not looking for it. My husband and I were shopping around a flea market, and I found another Tonala bird! Not necessarily a practical choice, but definitely the second piece of a new collection. This wasn't a gift from anyone, but rather will one day be a gift to someone who appreciates the intricacy and pattern found on these birds.

On the back there seems to either be a story, or some beautiful symbolic representation. These vintage birds can be found on Etsy. 

This is "Foxie" - I won it in a giveaway a few months back. Kate at Woodland Tale makes these little softies by hand all the way in Ukraine! I remember how exciting it was to open up my first piece of mail from Ukraine, and inside was this sweet little fox.

Full of personality! 

Olga from Wassupbrothers makes these plush owls by hand. Each one is a unique one-of-a-kind creation. I love her work, and hope to one day purchase one of her little creatures. 

This giraffe is awesome, and it's actually taller than it looks in the photo (about 14"). At our last craft fair I purchased it, and still don't know whom I will be giving it to. But the couple that sells these have partnered with an orphanage in Kenya and the women there hand felt these dolls. It is a beautiful story. 

Visit their Etsy shop and perhaps they will have some available. One Little World

I love this little elephant! Hand made from clay by a little shop called "Efi Warsh" in Israel. This was my very first Etsy purchase, and it sits by my kitchen widow next to my Talavera cups.

These little Sea Elves are so cute! They have a great variety of patterns and colors - visit their shop -> Sea Elves

Another awesome choice for the sentimental animal lover! Visit Mount Royal Mint.

This is one of my most favorite Etsy shops -> Two Sad Donkeys.
Their dolls have the cutest little expressions.

Buby Noa makes the best cuddly plush stuffed animals - great gifts for the little ones. 

And last, but not least. Le Animalé. This is secretly my favorite shop on Etsy (well, one of them). She has a studio in North Carolina where she makes all of her little totems by hand. I love her color choice, and her variety of the most uncommon creatures. Also, each creature comes with a little card that tells you what characteristics it beholds: this narwhal is high in exploration, adventure, and protection. Such a creative idea!

So if you're gifting for the sentimental-animal lover, there was a short and sweet list of options, and I don't think any of these will disappoint. 

By the way, if you happen to be in Mexico any time soon. Look for these little wood bobble creatures (pictured below). They are the best accessory near a window - you can watch them dance!

Who in your life is the more sentimental type, the someone who is more likely to be a collector, or a lover of little trinkets and treasures? This is the person that you will have to hunt down in an antique store, the one you'll have to keep away from her grandmother's attic.

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