Protecting Your Home During A Storm

Hurd & Honey

Hurd & Honey

If you live somewhere where storms are likely to happen, well, you're so lucky! Ever since moving to Colorado I have realized how much I miss the Texas thunderstorms. It wasn't always pleasant when the power went out, but the transition from a hot and humid summer morning into a gloomy afternoon storm was always calming and offered relief from the heat. 

Keeping your home as safe as possible when when storms are inevitable is definitely important. When we lived in a rental home a hail storm broke three windows on the west side of our home, and both of our cars lost their sunroofs.

Storms can cause significant damage to your home, and having some idea of how to protect your abode is helpful and important. 

Hurd & Honey

Hurd & Honey

The Roof

Arguably, the most vulnerable part of the home during a storm is the roof, and as such you should do whatever you can to try and protect it. The best protection would be insurance and inspection. Have a professional inspect your roof and assess it for necessary repair before storm season. After an intense storm it may be necessary to file a roof replacement insurance claim. This blog post explains what you need to do in that case. A healthy roof will prevent other damages to your home, like annoying leaks.

The Windows

The next biggest concern is likely your windows, which can shatter or fall in on themselves during a storm of even a small magnitude (we know from experience). Typically in climates where storms are common you'll have little warning about the specific intensity of the storm. If you live in an older home with original windows, your windows are especially vulnerable. If you know a storm is coming, you can protect them with plywood barricades, but this can be quite inconvenient, and what if you're at work? Having new widows installed can be the best option, and installing windows that have thick resistant glass for a stormy climate will surely help. New windows will also help with the energy efficiency of your home. A hail damage insurance policy would also be helpful if you're worried that your new windows may receive damage. 

The Trees

Trees can be the biggest danger during a storm, and they can cause damage to your home, vehicles, and even you. Having a tree company out to assess the health of your trees is recommended. A tree service will cut down the weaker branches (avoid tree topping), and they will also remove any branches that pose serious risks to your home and power lines. In many cases trees need to be cut down and removed; when replanting consider how large the tree will grow, and the overall health of the tree species. 

Stay safe in those storms!!

*This is a collaborative post.