Make Your Home Pop - Design A Colorful Home

A home full of color seems to have a stronger heartbeat, inspiring creativity and conversation. Colorfulness is perhaps symbolic of embracing uniqueness, allowing for differences to speak, making room for personality. When I think back to my days in school, especially at the secondary level, I remember the teachers that brought in a colorful lecturing chair or displayed a few pieces of art, they were in a way, echoing their personalities. I felt invited to stay, to relax, to participate, which naturally preceded learning. 

And those of you that are neutral lovers, you surely need a little color; here are some simple ways to incorporate more color in your homes...

Try a patterned chair, a bright colored couch, colorful books and picture frames; you can start big or small, do what you're most comfortable with. 

Add a few brightly colored dishes, or an artifact on the wall, and why not paint your kitchen island your favorite color?

Go for it, paint your cabinets, don't think about resale value, live your life and make your home, well, your home. 

Use textiles over neutrals to help your colors sing proudly!

Plants always add some greens, and why not a colorful quilt, or a few colorful pillows?

This house is a bit extravagant, but doesn't it intrigue you? Wouldn't you love to peek inside.?Color invites imagination.

This space uses color beautifully, but also remains subdued; by sticking with greens and blushes. there is space for color but the balance is more subtle. (Greens always compliment shades of reds.)

This home, while maintaining a very airy farmhouse aesthetic also incorporates beautiful pastels. You don't need to paint your hutch a bright green, but definitely consider sage or dusty blue. 

How about a bright and colorful rug?! (And don't you love the plants hanging from the banister?)

An arrangement of bright colors always seems to work best in a home with white walls; white walls make it easier overall to style a space, providing a blank canvas. 

 â€œWhy do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? no. Just as one can never learn how to paint.” Pablo Picasso